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At Flow-Rite Plumbing, we pride ourselves on repeat business. We treat the customer fairly, with knowledge and respect! Word of Mouth Advertising and the Internet are how we promote our business. Saving YOU, the customer, money.

At this Time we are offering every other weekend hours for Saturday and Sundays.(Check the schedule for availability)   

Normal BUSINESS HOURS are.   M-F  9 am - 5 pm

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Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Plumbing Service Call $100
    If you don't see the specific service listed that you desire this is the general catch all.
    We are a full service plumbing company. If it's not listed please ask to have a technician call you or send us an email or text to answer any questions you may have.

  • Video Sewer Inspection
    Up to 325 linear feet of sewer line can be inspected with our state of the art video equipment. COLOR, 1080p,uploaded or on usb thumb drive.
    All inspection services can be recorded and narrated for your records at no additional charge.

    Don't buy that new home without a sewer inspection. It is the most overlooked part of the buildings essential system during a typical home inspection and often one of the most costly to repair. WHAT SHAPE IS YOUR SEWER IN?
  • Main Drain or Auxillary Drain unclogging $100
     Have a technician return your call for a quote or wait till we arrive. We also offer  Hydro- Jetting services in addition to a conventional drain cleaning. (schedule separately)
  • HYDRO JETTING Drain Cleaning Services
    HYDRO JETTING for Drain Lines is the most thorough cleaning available today. BY far the best option to remove roots and other blockages from the sewer without damage leaving you a thoroughly clean sewer.
  • Toilet Installation New or Replacement $100
    We install several great flushing models at more than fair prices including labor or we can install the customers choice if provided.
  • Backflow Testing $185
    Backflow devices need to be tested Annually by Federal Law ( BY A LICENSED /CERTIFIED TESTER) or your water can and will eventually be shut off by the governing authorities. All testable devices have a serial number and should  be on file with the local governing authorities.
     If you are not sure wether your device needs tested Please call your local Board of Health District. 
  • On Site Plumbing Estimate $100
    Estimate Only, no on site work will be performed during this visit. Estimate only fees will be credited back if the work being estimated is over 1000.00 and work is completed per estimate. (PLEASE NOTE) The estimate fee of $100.00 due at the time of visit.
  • Gas line repair or installation $100
    Installation or repair of natural gas or propane lines within a building or residence. Gas leak detection is included under this service.
  • Shower Valve installation
    COMPLETE IN WALL Shower valve installations must be estimated first and cannot be booked same day. Please schedule this service only if you have received an estimate and site visit beforehand.
  • Faucet Replacement or Installation $100
    General installation of a kitchen, bathroom sink faucet or any other faucet or Hose faucet. Does not include materials or fixtures. Service call/trip fee only $ 100.00
  • Sink/ Vanity installation
    We remove and replace Kitchen,Bath or Laundry sinks. We can provide fixtures or the customer either way.
    please call for a quote or have us out for an on site estimate first.
  • Water softener install or removal
    Installation of new softener and or removal of your old one. We have many options available. Please schedule a service call/Trip for this service.
  • Winterization of plumbing piping
    We provide winterization services for an unheated property. Commercial or residential.We can also provide services for fozen water lines and or problem freeze areas of your system during the cold months. 
    Please ask for a quote first. Have a technician call you with details. 
  • Water Filtration $100

    Whether it's the whole house or only the water at your kitchen sink you want filtered we have you covered with our extensive line of products.

Gift Certificates

  • Pre Purchase Gift Certificates and save 10% $90

    Save 10 percent on your bill with PRE PURCHASED gift certificates. When you buy ahead of time(at least 24 hours) you can save on all our normally priced services. All major credit cards accepted.
    Pre Purchase as many as you like to pay your bill or give to someone as a gift or housewarming/ wedding present. We only sell gift certificates in 100 dollar denominations. Certificates are not redeemable for cash back.
    You may not combine gift certificates with other discounts or coupons.

     (NOTE) Gift certificates may NOT be used to pay for previously estimated work.



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